The memorials below have been established to benefit the Alice C. Wiltsie Performing Arts Center.

Alice C. Wiltsie
Dr. Stanley Yamulla
Francis D. Kender
Ray Saul
Benjamin J. Matteo
Jean Gormley
James Veglia
Frances Maddon
Gil Degenhart

Contributions may be made by contacting the Wiltsie Center.


Memorial Donations made...
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Mr. and Mrs. David Haupt
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Greco
Mr. Ray Saul and Ms. Janet Curilla


Ann and Ann Marie Pardee
Mr. Elmo Clemente
Mr. Stephen Clemente
Jerry and Patricia Matteo
Josephine Matteo
Jerry B. Matteo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoppy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cassano
Mr. and Mrs. Helene Chuckra
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Ferentz
Mr. and Mrs. John Nonemacher
Mrs. June Evangelista
Mrs. Mary Barnhart
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Lloyd
Gemma Matteo
Sally Pane
Ms Lillian Parrell
Mr. and Mrs. Jude Matteo
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Guerrieri
Mrs. Veronica Bonin
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Umbriac
Dr. Joseph Yatko
Mr. Anthony Cusatis


Mrs. Judith Corazza 
Mr. James Christman, Sr. 
Mrs. Carolyn Johnson 
Mrs. Shirley Zimmerman 
Mrs. Carmela Lucadamo 
Mr. Robert Burns 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Christopher 
Mr. Richard Monks 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Drum 
Bob and Elaine Curry 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bugda 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shanno 
Ms. Mary Dolon 
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Mussoline 
Ms. Lil Junas 
Ms. Nancy Stasko 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Libonate 
M. and Mrs. Wayne Seely 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kender 
Nuremberg Community Players


Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Kender
Mrs. Alice Kender, Children and Grandchildren
Ms. Stephanie Kender
Mrs. Angelyn Barth
Ms. Judy Kulmaczeski
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marsicano
Mr. And Mrs. Don Tombasco
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Doran
Dr. and Mrs. William Weidner
Ms. Floren Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Tombasco
Mr. Ed Pane
Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell and Matt
Mrs. Joan Gordon and family
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Franzosa
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pachence
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Palermo
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Palermo
Ms. Ann Bonacci and family
Mrs. Marie Belasco
Mrs. Margaret Fuscsick
Mrs. Gloria Kakalecik
Ms. Lois Hartel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller
Mr. G. Robert Shanno
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Barletta
Mrs. Marilyn Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Major
Mr. and Mrs. John Malchitsky
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pachence
Mr. and Mrs. William Flood
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Devlin
Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCloskey
Mr. Jim Lein
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Anthony
Bob and Elaine Curry
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Polli
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barber
Dr. Lil Junas
Ms. Mary Pat Dolon
Mr. Robert Sturak
Attorney and Mrs. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gresh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeNoia
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cerula
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Billig


Mr. and Mrs. Jerry B. Matteo


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Molinaro IV
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bachman


Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lessig
Mr. Charles Mason
Mr, and Mrs. Samuel Rhudy
Mrs. Marie Staber
Mrs. Alice Cromwell
Mrs. Joan Woodring
Mrs. Romilda Crocamo
Ms. Jill Catullo
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ross
Mrs. Eleanor Pearson



Mr. and Mrs. Frank Antonelli
Aneila, Katie and Cali Ross
Ms. Lil Junas
Mr. Charles Barber
Ms. Tracy Matsko
Dr. and Mrs. Mahmoud Fahmy
Ms. Rose Watson
Mary P. Dolon
Theresa Greco
Margaret Enama
James Umbiac
Earley-Polli Agency
Robert and Janet Caulfield
Marietta Petrole and Family
William and Carmella Yenkevich
Joseph and Theresa Yatko
Jayant Parmar
Janet Fenton
Alice Kender
Helen Mallon
Bette Bloch
Annie Marnell


Cyril Janosov
Bob and Elaine Curry
Michael and Emmeline Giarrizzi
Art and Carolyn Johnson
Alice Kender
John and Christine Leskosky
OB Nursing Staff – HGH
Daughter Marfy Yanac
Wife Emily Degenhart


By Hazleton Area School District
Teachers and Staff

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